Friday, February 22, 2013

3/4 of February

My style of "scrapping" for late 2012 and now for 2013 has changed ever so slightly. A good online friend, Donna, who frequents an Italian wine cellar with me every so often (insert shout out here to Niki and the Cellar sisters), is actually on Becky Higgins' creative team this year. I first became aware of Becky Higgins through her work for Creative Keepsakes magazine, but she has since become quite a businesswoman in her own right with a scrapbooking concept she has termed Project Life. Through Donna we became aware of this style of physical scrapbooking with plastic template pages and journaling cards and filler cards or digital page layouts. I'm actually doing both, since I purchased three of the PL mini albums so far. More about that later.

Anyway, once again it's getting late and I have a couple of tasks to do and it'll be out of the house early in the morning to attend an all-day church synodical leadership conference. So, I do want to share the first three double-page layouts for February, and I should have one more to finish up the month. Here we go:

Oh, how I wish you could read the journaling. Well, you get the idea anyway. The boys are just a delight, and they got to spend time together twice this month, once at a not-so-happy occasion and once at our house. Scott is running, Gabe is oh so ready to walk and can take a couple steps on his own before falling forward into waiting arms. Too funny. So, enjoy. And if you have questions, let me know!


Donna Gibson said...

LOVE your pages!! :)

TenSGal said...

Wonderful!!! Love everything you've done! Maybe if you upload each side as a jpg and then click on extra large it will be big enough to view the journaling.

Bevy said...

you pages are amazing! Love love love them. so many cute photos! I love watching your boys growing up.