Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Happy New Year, 2014! And almost, Happy New Month, February!

So I've had some down time recently. On the 15th of January, I had surgery on my right foot to remove a Morton's neuroma, had a bunionectomy, and got a steroid shot to relieve some pain in a third area of that foot. I think it went well. Ken took off that Wednesday and also the following day, which featured a trip to the clinic for a first post op dressing change. I wear a black shoe/boot when I am mobile, and tried to keep the foot elevated quite a bit that first weekend and during the following week as well during my time at home. Tomorrow, January 30th, I anticipate that the stitches will be removed.

I did clomp down the stairs to access my computer that first Monday (and ended up going down and up five times in all ... oops!), but I was itching to work on and finish Project Life 2013. It wasn't too comfortable, to be honest. In any event and without further ado, here is November 2013 in words and photo.