Saturday, February 21, 2015

Catching Up, the Finale - December

To end the year 2014 ... December. How do people who write blogs find things to say that are new and fresh and interesting? I do not know. That's it. Goodnight.

Catching Up, Part VII - November

Continuing the share ... only six pages for November.

Catching Up, Part VI - October

Ah, it's autumn again ... sweet October. So glad to have these memories to cherish always.

Catching Up, Part V - September 2014

The story of our lives continues ...

Catching Up, Part IV - August 2014

I'm at a loss for words. The layouts tell the stories. August was huge ~ 14 pages huge. Priceless gain in the birth of Kenneth Nolan Mehringer, a full week early. Profound loss just two days later with Dad Mehringer's sudden passing.

Time to switch laundry loads.

Catching Up, Part III - July 2014

Month by month. Presenting: JULY. We'll get back to that photo book in just a bit.