Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's Catch Up Time!

We are well into the new year, with Valentine's Day behind us and Ash Wednesday just a few days ago. Three-quarters of February is history! So how in the world did it get to be that I didn't do a blog post since last July, with the last monthly layouts being April? Wow! I kept up with the layouts fairly well, although I was several months behind at some points. I caught up, but then didn't render them and upload to here. I was busy with two very special little boys' ABC 123 Books, I believe, and two brand new babies, among other things. Those books were very special projects for me, finished for Christmas gifting, which happened as we celebrated on New Year's Day. I think they were a hit!

Anyway, to begin, here are the last pages of April and then May of last year. There was this awesome spring day, and Ken was working outdoors. I grabbed my camera and started playing with the macro. Well, I couldn't stop. And I had to publish each picture of course. Ha ha!

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