Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We might as well get the rest of March posted. I have tons of Easter graphics and vintage Easter cards in digital format. Do I have room for any of it on my Easter page? Nope, not this year. Another time, perhaps.

We had sun today! I watched it out the window at work. If it reached 50 degrees, it was by a scant amount. More rain - several inches more - is predicted for the rest of the week. What will Scott and I do tomorrow? Try to take some more cute photos, that's what! Sarah put some cute ones of Gabriel on Facebook again; a cute video too. In years to come, I wonder, will the grandchildren ask, "What was Facebook?"

Monday, April 15, 2013

More Senseless Acts of Violence

So sad for today's act of terrorism once again in our country. Today was our annual 1/2 day Celebrate the Conclusion of Income Tax Season holiday, and while Miller Law Office staff and friends enjoyed lunch out and then the rest of the day off, and while I did some shopping and errands and then enjoyed a visit with Cindy and Steve B., the news reported that dual explosions rocked the finish line of today's Boston Marathon. Several folks died (at least three as of this evening including an 8 year old child!) and over 130 injured. Will we ever feel safe again in this world? This country? No wonder I just want to stay home and document my own little world.

March was a busy month. Five double page spreads for a total of ten pages! So this doesn't quite finish March, as we cannot forget EASTER. A few of these pictures were snitched from Facebook, like Scottie outdoors helping with Sweet Amber Farm maple syrup. Oh! I have a video of Scott sledding with Grandpa that I need to try to insert. It's too big to email and my Flip video software is "no longer supported" and doesn't carry over to Windows 7, so I cannot share that way until I figure out what replaces that, besides YouTube which I need to master yet. For now, I'll try it here. And one of Gabe will come soon, then. Gotta be fair!

And ... the video!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Technology is Fascinating - Frustrating

So, I just spent some time and created some new slides for my church's website. There's a really cool slideshow on the home page, but when I added the new ones, some of the existing ones no longer appear. There must be a limit on the number of slides it plays, but I don't know what it is. Arghhhh and grrrrr. And when I bring up this - my blog - home page, it's jumpy. Seriously, the left side is stationary but the right side is jiggly jumpy. Does anyone else get that, or is it just me?

I had Scott today, 8:45 to 4:45. I should say, I "enjoyed" him today, as I always do. What a good boy, but he has a cold, poor baby. Get well soon, sweetheart! I go on the computer some while he plays or naps, but for the most part I just want to play with him, you know. I wish I could have Gabe too, and I do on a rare occasion, but they are just a bit far away and not on the way to work, as we are with Becky. Anyway, here is the first part of March, through our Arizona trip. Loved spending time with Ken's folks and getting some nice long walks in. I was directed to bring some warm weather back with us, but alas, I could not fulfill and it has been a chilly spring so far. Warmer weather is on the horizon, though.

Monday, April 1, 2013

More hours in a day, please

I should be in bed, but I'm not. Still putzing with the new computer, moving stuff over from the laptop and getting things tweaked. I cannot determine when I acquired Photoshop Elements 7 or how to get it over to the new PC. I must have downloaded the upgrade from version 4, which I had previously. I'm not going to spend the money on the new version 11. And Quicken! I was using 2000. I purchased Quicken 2013 but holy smokes, it's a whole new ballgame. Sheese ...

So, rather than do a double page layout to upload here, I kept the pages separate. Maybe they'll enlarge a little bigger here. I don't get nearly as fancy as some of the other Project Lifers, but it's a learning process. There are so many neat shares on the internet that I'm downloading, from Facebook mostly. I've surely turned into a digital hoarder. Here's the last two pages for February, 2013. March is done, except for yesterday ... Easter Day. Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the risen Christ! Hopefully March will get uploaded soon. And onward we go, into the month of April. Our Scottie is 20 months tomorrow, and Gabriel 16 months on the 7th. Time is flying by.