Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Wow ... I'm on the ball with Project 365 for the second half of October, huh? I should be out partying it up ... but I have a hubby with quite a cold that has made its way to his chest. Poor guy went to bed early and I didn't go with ...

Tomorrow marks three weeks since the Mehringer wedding. The photos and videos are wonderful! I need to upload some pictures and learn how to link to a Flickr album or however I'm going to do it. Perhaps tomorrow. The Boylens are thinking about adopting another fur pal, Wicker. Haven't met him yet ... maybe this weekend. Gotta get started on the Christmas shopping, too. The stores will really be competing for our dollar this year. And, finally, soon election day will be here and we will know which candidate is going to save the country. Hmmmm. Enjoy this installment of "photo of the day".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More October Musings

And here we go with the first half of October, 2008. We want to wish a very special sister a Happy 50th Birthday today. She's celebrating with family in Benson, Arizona. Congrats, Diane!

Sweet October

Although it's a blustery, very windy October Sunday, we still have an awesome view of spectacular color in the woods to our east. The weekend hasn't been long enough to do all the things that need doing, but it has been a relaxing one. Gail & Mike invited us over to eat and watch wedding video (what a gift, Gail!) on Friday evening, then laundry yesterday and the newlyweds had dinner with us. Today was church, and more catching up, and the Packers are winning ... yippee! I never did post the second half of September, so here we go. I need to figure out how I will post wedding pictures. Still gathering them up at this point. Enjoy!