Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Photo Diary a/k/a Project Life: April 2014 Pages

Goodness, I'm looking at my April pages and they're so, so ... well, let me just say I think I'm feeling uninspired. Lazy, rushed? At least done, although they don't quite feel done. But they are. I've not started May or June and want to get a move on. Much to do at work, ALWAYS. (A good thing ...) Stephen Ministry training is done but there's continuing ed a couple times a month. Jefferson County Fair begins this Wednesday through next Sunday. I entered 14 items in Open Class Photography and watched judging with Becky for just a little bit this past Tuesday. Two entries in Black & White did nothing; two entries in Color placed, a fourth and a first. Two entries in Computer Enhanced ... well, I don't know yet. Becky didn't stay for judging in that class and I just don't know yet until this week.

What else? We did not get strawberries from Jelli's this year as we still have some in the freezer. The blueberries will not be as plentiful there this year, but hope we can get some delicious berries again. We've had quite a few cherries from our own trees. Thanks to my loving hubby for growing them, picking them and pitting them. I've made a couple desserts and froze a bunch, too. Kohlrabi, sugar snap peas, lettuce ... yum! Oh my word, the mosquitos! Why oh why did the Lord see fit to create those awful things. They are soooo bad here. We've had lots of rain, it's often windy.

Drew came to Grandpa & Grandma M.'s house for the first time yesterday with Mommy and big brother Gabe. Kevin and Scott were here then the birthday girl Becky, her mom, sis Liz and b-i-l Christopher joined us for dinner. We missed Ryan, who got the master bedroom done in their home so that he, Sarah and baby could move over there, but now Gabe's new room needs finishing, including a new closet built, so that he can move into that room and Drew move into the nursery.

Here are my pages for April:

That's it for awhile. Long live the U.S.A.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

March Pages and Baby Andrew is Here!

Well, a week ago yesterday (Wed., June 25th) I wrote that Sarah was not in labor after all. But she might have been and probably was! In the early morning hours of last Thursday, June 26, her water broke. They called on Ryan's friend and co-worker Aaron to come be with Gabe while they headed to Elkhorn to the hospital. Ryan called at 5:39 a.m. to say that Sarah was at 10cm and they were going in (to the delivery room) soon. Grandson #3 was born at 6:45 a.m. with a lot of dark hair, 21" long and 7# 5oz. Thank you, God, for answering our prayers for an easy labor and delivery! I got to the house around 8 a.m. and Gabriel's face lit up with a smile when Grandma appeared at his bedroom door. After breakfast and morning meds, I brought Gabe home with me. We played all day and he did well overnight. We spent some time with Scott on Friday morning at Don & Julie's house. Sarah and baby Andrew Richard Boylen (they didn't decide on his name until Friday) were discharged Friday afternoon and we took Gabriel home that evening to meet him. How about this for cuteness?

Many more pictures of this little one to follow!

To continue with my March pages meanwhile:

That's it for tonight, 4th of July Eve!