Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Faster I Go, the Behinder I Get It Sometimes Seems

Did you see those huge, fluffy white flakes coming down yesterday and today? The first snow of the season, always so pretty. Especially when it doesn't stick ~ just not quite ready for that yet! So, I came home sick mid-day on Tuesday. I am normally off on Wednesday anyway, but oh what a miserable day. I kept my germs here at home again today, Thursday, but I am feeling somewhat better. I think it's the work of all my prayer pals and the Good Lord hearing and granting them. September was busy enough, but oh my goodness ~ October was worthy of three double page layouts. November may be fairly quiet here, but I've a feeling December is going to bring ... well, very good things. Don't forget to click on the layout to get a bigger version. And now, you can sign up to get an email notice when this blog is updated. You will want to stay tuned ...

Well I'm having some trouble here. I'd like the layout to be large enough, when you click on it, to be able to read the journaling. The Help file says it's being uploaded at its original size. If that is so, it should be plenty big enough. I'm experimenting here. Bear with me.