Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm too pooped to be creating a blog entry, but am doing it anyway. Still playing around, learning. I wish I knew how to get the image bigger, so you could actually SEE it well enough to read the journaling. I really like doing the Project 366, and that reminds me that I have to recharge my camera batteries!

Friday, March 21, 2008

More Project 366 - February

Good Friday

Three weeks since I created this blog? Hmmmm ... well, life is busy. I do enjoy my digiscrapping for personal archives as well as our new and improved church website. Mr. Miller generously gives us a 1/2 day holiday on Good Friday, but I called in this morning, and missed church this afternoon as well. Quite the stormy, snowy day here. Ken came home from work with a doozy of a head cold, so he headed to bed early.

I'm going to go ahead and share my Project 365 (366 for 2008) layouts. Niki from Italy started it by forwarding a Photojojo newsletter about it. Some of the Niki's Cellar and Fotofusion Yahoo Group ladies are participating. Some are using Flickr accounts, etc., but I thought I'd make a printed page of them. I had to backtrack in January a bit, since we didn't begin until later in the month. Here's my first blog image ... but yikes, it doesn't look big enough to read the text! What's up with that? (The photos are reversed ... 2nd half of month is first and 1st half of month is second. I'll learn yet!)