Friday, January 2, 2009

Blessings Be Thine in 2009

Oh, bad title, huh? Perhaps, and yet ... our wish for you in the new year.

Our life is full of abundance... and the last installment of Project 365 shows just how so. I took a photo yesterday, New Year's Day, but today was just an "ordinary" back to work Friday. Nothin' special to take a picture of ... and yet, I could have taken a photo of the mounds of clean laundry that greeted us when we got home (Kevin and Becky took advantage of our offer to use our washer and dryer and were just finishing up), or used Becky's photo of naughty Sadie caught red handed (or red pawed) with the homemade bread I left on the counter today. Oh, I love to take photos, and I plan to continue in the present format or an abbreviated one, perhaps condensing a two-page monthly layout into one page. No pressure, though, just pure pleasure. Oh, I did join a "52 Week Sketch Challenge," so I plan on getting back to the traditional scrap pages this year. Enjoy and God bless all in the new year.