Monday, April 15, 2013

More Senseless Acts of Violence

So sad for today's act of terrorism once again in our country. Today was our annual 1/2 day Celebrate the Conclusion of Income Tax Season holiday, and while Miller Law Office staff and friends enjoyed lunch out and then the rest of the day off, and while I did some shopping and errands and then enjoyed a visit with Cindy and Steve B., the news reported that dual explosions rocked the finish line of today's Boston Marathon. Several folks died (at least three as of this evening including an 8 year old child!) and over 130 injured. Will we ever feel safe again in this world? This country? No wonder I just want to stay home and document my own little world.

March was a busy month. Five double page spreads for a total of ten pages! So this doesn't quite finish March, as we cannot forget EASTER. A few of these pictures were snitched from Facebook, like Scottie outdoors helping with Sweet Amber Farm maple syrup. Oh! I have a video of Scott sledding with Grandpa that I need to try to insert. It's too big to email and my Flip video software is "no longer supported" and doesn't carry over to Windows 7, so I cannot share that way until I figure out what replaces that, besides YouTube which I need to master yet. For now, I'll try it here. And one of Gabe will come soon, then. Gotta be fair!

And ... the video!

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Donna Gibson said...

Beautiful pages to preserve your family story, Lynn!