Saturday, September 3, 2011


Ha! Silly title. I chose it 'cause it's September, and also 'cause I'm sleepy. The Labor Day holiday has begun, and Ken will soon be home from work (Saturday, works until 1 p.m.) I've been busy finishing my August Scrap-Last-Month layout this morning, but had to do an extra double page spread of course to include Scott Donald's first month of life here on this earth. Oops, he's home. Gotta run! Don't forget to click on the layout to enlarge it. Not sure the journaling is going to be legible though. I guess I still have some work to do, things to learn.




Donna G. said...

Fantastic summaries, as usual, Lynn! I really like the pages about Scottie's first month. That's all you needed for words, and then you were able to get in SOOO many photos! Yay!

TenSGal said...

Love your layouts....they are just such wonderful photos and such a great snapshot into your life. Love all the photos of little Scottie and his happy peeps with him!

Dottie said...

Love your layouts Lynn..too bad I'm not into the digital..but I'm having a ball with my paper layouts..I'm into Scrapbooking but so so many pictures..(old old ones)..