Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Glorious Spring!

And then (above) ... a very special layout containing some very special news. I had put my order in some time ago (not too long ago, though). It appears that, God willing, we'll acquire a daughter-in-law and a grandchild before the year is out!

Woo hoo ... what a day! Beautious out there today. I'm going to go ahead and upload Project 365 for the first half of April. One note regarding April 15 ... great nephew Owen Zachary has been added to the Pernat family. We've not met him yet, but heard he looks a lot like Austin. Praise God, he's a healthy baby and we hope to visit soon.

Student teaching is going well for Kevin, and wedding plans are progressing. Becky is working hard on her senior project and interviewing for an internship position. Many unknowns for these two but God will provide, and they have each other.

Sadie's surgery is tomorrow for removal of bladder stones. She needs to get back to her old self ... she's such a good friend!

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