Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Fool's + 2

Trying to be silly in the title, on April 3rd. I've been "on vacation" this week, scanning and scanning photos to get started on my family heritage book. Holding my mouse with right arm extended gave me a mean case of tendonitis (or whatever!) in the shoulder, which was really aggravated by Jazzercise last night. Owie ouch ouch. But I'm not stopping! At least I've felt like I got a good start this week. I also had Sadie to the vet on Monday. X-ray showed bladder stones, so she's on antibiotic pill which has been an experience trying to get her to take. It may be a surgery for her, we're not 100% sure yet how we'll handle this.

Here's my Project 365 for the second half of March. I'm still learning how to insert pictures and add links and so on. I'll close now and try to get some more scanning in before going in to work for one little appointment and then to a meeting tonight. Thanks for reading!