Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Calendar Blew Past My Window Just Now!

Here it is, mid-March of 2016. It's Wednesday, I'm working at home, and it's a BLUSTERY day. Actually, there's a High Wind Warning issued for all day, hence the title of this blog post, LOL.

My Project Life for 2015 went woefully AWOL, but we caught up very nicely in January of this year! My completed Shutterfly book was ordered by month's end, or early in February anyway. It was 90-some pages in size, which was less than 2014 but not by too much. It turned out great!

I will add March through December to this blog ... probably in several posts but I'm not sure. Let's see if I remember how to even do it! Oh yes, this will be March, 2015.

So there you have it ... our trip to Arizona last year. And we just returned from Arizona 2016! Happy St. Pat's Day, coming up here tomorrow. Corned beef is cooking right now for church tonight.


Donna Gibson said...

I missed March. ?? I love it too!! +)

Donna Gibson said...

That should have ended with =)