Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Project Life 2014: Published!

If you know me at all, you know I love to shoot photos and create memories. I've also gotten pulled into card making, but that will be later post(s) perhaps. So I have done a lot of digital downloading and computer scrapbooking, and for quite some time now. I've uploaded my creations to several creative galleries and such. Some of those sites have since gone out of business as the art and trend evolves. I did read an interesting post recently on a Facebook page I follow: Project Life gone DIGITAL. On Wednesday, Feb. 18th, not only did I complete my 2014 project, but I uploaded all to Shutterfly and ordered, mainly to take advantage of 40% off. My completed book arrived last Wednesday, Feb. 25, just one week later! Here's the other gal's post: scrappingwithliz

I'm very pleased with my book. It's thick, but so are the pages. I love the lay flat pages! None of my layout is lost in the binding. Shutterfly charges a flat fee of $50 for the lay flat, but I'll never go back to anything but that.

I've done books before, by Shutterfly, but then ordered from LifePhoto out of Milwaukee out of loyalty to our good friend and CEO of that company. But Fred left, and I read Liz's post, and I saw that Shutterfly had a 40% deal which ended that very day! I was anxious to see my creation in print. Now that I'm looking at it again, LifePhoto doesn't offer a coffee table book (lay flat pages) in 12x12 anyway. Biggest I could have gone was 10x10. And for quite a bit more money. Sorry, LifePhoto. (Gee, that is a strange purple cast from the dusk of day coming through the patio window I assume.)

To compare my book with Liz's, she paid this:
  • 20 Page 12x12 Book  - $64.99
  • Additional 86 pages ($1.50 each) - $129.00 
  • Layflat Pages - $50.00 (it's a flat $50 no matter how many pages you have)
  • Shipping $11.99
  • Price before coupons: $255.98 
  • Tax $8.24
  • TOTAL Price with 50% off coupon and Free Shipping: $130.24

And I paid this:

20 Page 12x12 Book - $64.99
Add'l 86 pages @ $1.50 each - 129.00 (How ironic that both of our books were 106 pages.)
Layflat pages - 50.00
Shipping - 11.99 (I did not take the time to look for a free shipping coupon, darn!)
Matte finish - 10.00 (It comes with a glossy finish, but I chose to pay extra for the matte.)
Tax 9.04
Discount $-101.60
Order total $173.42.

So mine was more but she got 50% off, mine was 40%, I paid for shipping and matte finish, she did not. I did a little shopping around and the fact that the book was over 100 pages eliminated me from many choices out there in services that print books.

Hey, it's a big book worthy of a BIG year in our lives. Living large. Bring on 2015!!


Bevy said...

Your book is beautiful...what a treasure!!

TenSGal said...

Wowza!!!! That is fabulous and soooooo impressive!!! So proud that you got it done....
Way to go, Lynn!!!


Elizabeth Albers said...

That looks awesome! Thank you so much for sharing with me.

Jenny said...

Looks terrific! I followed the link in your comment on Liz's post. I am working on a Disney trip album and plan to use the Shutterfly Layflat option, so I appreciate seeing your book (and Liz's too!). :)