Thursday, February 13, 2014

Almost Valentine's Day, and ... Breaking News!

This has been a most frustrating blog post. I've written it like three times ... oh never mind. Cannot sweat the small stuff! My Wednesdays off just fly by, and then I don't know what I accomplish. In reality, a lot. I got the last of the butternut squash in the freezer yesterday. It lasted a long time just being kept cool, but it should have been done by the end of the year. Sure had a great garden last year, and Ken's seed order from Jung's -- partial, anyway -- has already arrived!

Anyway, what the heck, we are a month and a half into the new year already. It has been so cold cold cold, and snowy too. But warmer weather is coming (for us in the 80's and 70's next week in Arizona, and for SE Wis. as temps climb into the 30's) ... woot woot! January wasn't too busy, mostly healing from the foot surgery four weeks ago yesterday. It's coming along, I guess. It's hard not to be impatient!
The late "breaking" news ... literally ... is that Sarah is 20 weeks along earlier this week and yesterday they went to their very important ultrasound appointment and learned baby's gender, among other things. Everything looks good health wise, praise God! Here is how they revealed their gender news on Facebook. See this You Tube video. Fun, huh?

All right, here is January.

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TenSGal said...

Wonderful pages, Lynn! You have done great on all of these!