Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ...

Christmas! Yuppers, the season is here. Thanks-
giving was good, fun, and filling. The leftovers are finally finished. Ken got a deer the day after I last posted, a nubbin buck right on our own farm. How cool is that?! Pretty darn.

I am posting the second half of November tonight. I am really going to miss this project and although I won't worry about a photo a day in 2009, I'll have to modify in some way. I have a feeling there'll be plenty to photo journal in any event. It's too much fun.

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Jill said...

A great post Lynn. I hope you keep it up in 2009. Mine went downhill this year due to my circumstances.
Maybe next year I will get back on track.Kept up my blog though as much as I can and am doing a Christmas blog as well.
Take Care.